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Looking for Donations

A couple of generous locals are putting on a Benefit Art Sale at St Andrews Hall next month and are putting the call out for donations of artworks from other artists, students and collectors to add to the pieces already up for sale. With a weekend of rain ahead, we’re thinking it’s as good a time as ever for a little declutter?!

Diana is herself an artist who has been making art since her university days at UCLA. She and husband Norm have also collected works from local artists over the years. Their Art Sale project was originally conceived as a way for them to sell some of the art they had collected over the years, which after moving into a tiny home, they no longer had room to store.

Since then, the idea has morphed from the humble garage sale they’d originally conceived of, to a fundraiser for the local charities, Gizzy Kai Rescue, SuperGrans and the Mayoral Relief Fund to help flood victims and other locals in need.

As interest has grown, Diana and Norman are now inviting others to donate works of art to the cause.

Details: Community ART SALE to be held 19 August 2 - 5pm at St. Andrews Hall.

If you have Art to donate, please drop it off at the Tairawhiti Environment Centre on Palmerston Rd. or phone 867 2790 for a pick up.

*Accepting Paintings, Prints, Pottery, Drawings, Weaving, Glass, Crafts, and other lovely items.

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