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Ballance Street Village

This is an appreciation post for the Ballance Street Village, the bustling little grouping of businesses at the intersection of Ballance Street and Ormond Road.

In these times when online shopping has become such a normal part of life, and when many parts of Gisborne's CBD are literally crumbling into the ground, it feels almost miraculous that the Ballance Street Village is not only fully occupied, but thriving!

If you are a frequent visitor of the Village however, it’s probably not so mysterious at all..

Most businesses in the Ballance Street Village are not only locally owned, but independent and one-of-a-kind. This can transform a 'shopping experience' into a lovely moment in your day, in which you might be inspired by the creative, individual, and non-franchised decor of the space you're in, or you chat with the person that you're doing business with, as you would a friend...

The other thing we appreciate about the Village is the downright convenience of it all! It's how we imagine a village might have been back in the day when the word was first coined..

The need to grab ‘that little something’ becomes an enjoyable part of our day if we decide to walk or bike, and with the enticement of ice cream, we can usually convince the kids it’s a good idea too!

And once we're there, we can take care of any number of things..

Solve the question of what to make for dinner and pick up a lovely bottle of wine while you’re at it. Get something quick to eat, fill a prescription, post off a package. Browse for gifts, plants collectibles or homeware. You can even tick some of the big things off your list like buying or selling a house, looking for IT support, or have teeth that require attention.

And with so many options for food and coffee, it’s a great place to come together to meet up with, or bump into friends, old and new.

This Christmas season, the Ballance Village retailers are coming together to make things easier for locals who've got lots to do in these last few weeks of the year.

- They’re creating a bit of a festive vibe with late night shopping on Thursdays throughout December until Christmas. The first one is this week!

- And if you shop anywhere in the Ballance Street Village up until Christmas you go in the chance to win a $1,000 Village Voucher which can be spent at Ballance Street Village businesses. The draw will be held on the afternoon of 23rd of December

So, Gizzy locals, make sure you dive into the friendly and laid back vibe of the Village, support our local retailers and enjoy everything that’s on offer at the Ballance Street Village - 42 years it's been going and it's still going strong..!


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