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He is Peter Harris, He is Philosophy, He is Beauty, Truth, Love and Freedom. He is Ferrocement, DreamHavens, He is Blank Canvases, Freshly Painted Artworks, He is Books and Bookshelves made from Free Wood. He is Driftwood from Town Beach and Intricate, Fantastical Carvings, He is the Roof that Houses the Unhousable: Peter Harris’ Creative Brain.

Yes, Dreamspace Workshop and Gallery sprouted up on the outskirts of Gisborne CBD in 2016, a huge building that surely would fit all of Peter Harris’ creations, with room for other artistic souls? It turns out that his creative brain has infinite permutations, nigh on impossible to be accommodated under one tangible roof.

During the ensuing three years, Peter has magnetised an eclectic collection of people, who have recently helped to rejig, declutter, and de-dust the Dreamspace premises, to create a little space for themselves to showcase their creations alongside Peter’s. He is over the Moon, so to speak.

The result of this intertwining of creative people under the Dreamspace Roof, is the upcoming Dreamspace Bazaar (or is it Bizarre? …both.) It will share the magic of co-creation with any adventurous spirit who dares to step foot over the threshold!

So go on, be daring, and visit Dreamspace on the 6th of July, to be delighted by the creativity, the workmanship, the colour, the music, the friendliness, the…bizarre that is Dreamspace!

Words by Anna Harris Photographs by Tom Teutenberg


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