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Jazzy Manerva

The op shops are often top of mind when it comes to secondhand scores, but there are also gems galore at Jazzy Manerva, a consignment shop on the corner of Harris Street and Wainui Road. Owned and operated by Sarah Buckley, Jazzy Manerva provides you an opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and make some cash selling your clothes at the shop, and houses a stunning collection where you can spend that cash on something you really love.

Sarah believes we can make a conscious impact without completely denying ourselves. “I’m someone that likes a bit of both. I wear mostly secondhand…if I buy something new, I’m going to buy something that is really special and great quality that I will wear for years and not just a season.”

After 11 years working in retail as a stylist and window dresser in Wellington, Sarah understands the appeal of a lovely and fresh atmosphere. She ensures that all the items she sells are clean, pressed, and “good to go.” You could purchase a dress off the rack and wear it out the same night.

The shop opened just after the first lockdown in 2020, but started with a stall at Up Market, with pieces Sarah had brought in from Wellington. That initial pop up went so well that she realised the consignment model would work well in Gizzy. It continues to surprise and delight her that many items people bring in still have the tags on. “We all have things in our wardrobe that we don’t wear any more or that make us feel a little guilty - we’ve all made bad purchases. But someone else may love it!”

Sarah advises that if you haven’t worn something in a year (and it’s not a memento), it’s probably time to pass it on. You can take your items to Jazzy Manerva and Sarah will have a look through, handpick what she thinks will sell, and work with you to determine a price. The process is best streamlined when the items are brought in fresh and clean. Because sale proceeds are split between her and the clothing owner, she always aims for the best price. At the moment Sarah is accepting Autumn and Winter clothing to sell, but she also always keeps a stock of warm weather “resort” items for people going on holiday.

As a shopper, you get all the fun of a treasure hunt with the assurance that someone with an eye for style has curated the stock. Sarah sees it time and again, “someone else’s mistake can be another person’s treasure!” And how good to give a unique piece another life, rather than simply buying something new.

Jazzy Manerva is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-4. Sarah also does an occasional pop up at markets. Follow @jazzymanerva on Instagram to stay in the know.

Words by Victoria Williams

Photographs by Tom Teutenberg


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