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The Exchange Cafe

Who, What and Why?

Conversations about our people, our environment and our livelihoods in the context of climate change take place all around our region every day. Ideas, solutions, place-specific scenarios are given voice to and debated, and then what?

The Exchange Cafe understands that important conversations don’t just happen around the tables where decisions get made; that local knowledge and experiences, and a weaving together of all of the different threads of knowledge is crucial in finding solutions to the unique challenges our region faces as the climate changes.

Renee Raroa (East Coast Exchange), Harley Dibble (Rau Tipu Rau Ora) and Shannon Dowsing (Rāngai Studios) also realise that a lot of these conversations DO happen around decision making tables, and they are keen to make these exchanges more transparent.

The Exchange Cafe recognises that all of these conversations are a resource and they have created an online library to bring them together in one place, making them both visible and accessible.

If you are holding an event or a conversation about climate change that our wider community could benefit from, get in touch with the Exchange Cafe. They can arrange for the event to be livestreamed, recorded and edited, and held in their resource bank for others to watch.

We urgently need solutions for whenua and whānau that represent the vision and values of our communities. The Exchange Cafe is all about enabling the sharing of information so that we can explore solutions and take action towards a sustainable and resilient future, together.

Now is a great time to check out The Exchange Cafe and its resource bank, there are Meet the candidate interviews focused on Climate Change and the wider environment and other recent uploads such as an interview with transport expert, James Llewellyn about delivering healthier, cheaper and less polluting travel options in Te Tairawhiti.


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