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The Highs & Lows of Lowe St

Our most recent addition to the Gizzy Local crew, photographer Tink Lockett, takes us on a leisurely wander along a street she describes as 'the K Road of Gisborne'.

Lowe Street has always held a special place in Tink's heart, and still conjures up all sorts of memories from over the years and the evolving streetscape. It has often been home to the quirkier, small and independent genre of shop in Gisborne, and gets its Karangahape Road feels from the tattoo parlours, the sex toy shop, the bars, restaurants and vintage shops that have come and gone over the years..

These days there's probably not much call for mooching down the industrial end of Lowe on foot, but all those wide empty footpaths must be good for something! The mid-section of Lowe is currently best avoided if one is hoping to retain any sense of pride in their city (a hot spot for dystopic music video shoots perhaps?) thank goodness for the Sea Walls murals!

To the contrary, the river end of Lowe is doing a great job of living up to its indie vibe at the moment with a great little collection of diverse shops, some of which surely could only ever be found on Lowe Street.

imgs x Tink Lockett | @uniquelytinkphotography - check her work out on instagram or facebook words x Sarah Cleave


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