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The Next 3 Years

Our region is faced with some big decisions over the next three years and our elected Councillors want to check in with locals about them.


Every three years, Council goes through the Long Term Plan process to identify the community’s priorities for the following 10 years. This year it's a bit different, our Council has been given the authority to put a recovery focus on just the next 3 years. The 2024-2027 Three Year Plan sets out the tough financial situation we are facing in the aftermath of far-reaching damage from the severe weather last year, as well as what our options are going forward.


We’re looking at a $1.1 billion recovery bill for our infrastructure alone. The Three Year plan(3YP) sets out the harsh reality of continuing rising costs and a massive workload, meaning Council can't fix everything with the current budgets, or complete it all within three years.


The plan covers the recovery work and services Council will focus on, how we'll pay for them, and what this means for rates and debt.


The important thing to know about this process is that our voices, our feedback IS taken into account by our council, it is indeed vital, in helping shape a place we can all be proud to live in.


Community conversations are underway but there’s still time to join the one being held at Gizzy Local on Thursday 4 April from 5.30pm. We’ll have Mayor Rehette Stoltz, Deputy Mayor Josh Wharehinga and Councillors, Debbie Gregory and Colin Alder all here.  


Council staff will also be present to speak to some of the issues we’re particularly passionate about: Jo Noble, the Director of Sustainable Futures, Phil Nickerson, Manager Solid Waste, James Baty, Director Internal Partnerships and hopefully Michele Frey, the Director of Livable Communities.

Feel free to bring the kids, we’ll have toasties toasting and art stuff to keep them busy.  

If you can’t make Thursday, here’s a full list of where Council will be and when:


Read the draft plan and if you want to submit here’s the link:

Submissions close April 19.


Nau mai Haere mai.

At Gizzy Local, 64 Lowe St

Thursday 4 April from 5.30pm


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