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The Wednesday Challenge

Te Wero ia Wenerei - the Wednesday Challenge is back for 2024, and because we’re early adopters of things that make us feel great, Gizzy Local has signed up as a business team.


If you haven’t heard about it yet, the idea is a simple one..

Instead of driving yourself to work on Wednesdays, walk, ride, run, scooter, skate or carpool instead, you might even be tempted to see whether you can bus!

You can then log your journey, earn points for your team, track your achievements and compete against the rest of the Tairāwhiti business community (including the fiercely competitive Gizzy Local team) on the Challenge leaderboards.

The reasons for choosing alternative means of transport to cars are two-fold right? Better for us, (both our physical and mental health) and better for our environment.

When I walk or ride to work, my day is unquestionably better, my head is clearer, and I’ll often problem solve away something that’s been troubling me. The same goes for the way home, providing me with a positive way to transition back into homelife at the end of a hectic day. It also means I have done my ‘cardio’ - tick! and don’t have to fit it elsewhere into my day. Winning.

We can always find plenty of reasons why it’s easier to just jump in the car, but if lots of us sign up to the Challenge, some of those excuses may start to lose their potency... Imagine if we notice less congestion on our roads on Wednesdays, and the roads feel safer for us cyclists?! And with more people rocking helmet hair, can we make it the next big thing?!

However you look at it, this is a great way for businesses and organisations in our community to lead by example, have some fun and do some good. We hope you’ll join us!

To find out more go to: and if you’re keen to set up a business team contact Te Wero ia Wenerei Project Manager Harley Dibble at

Te Wero ia Wenerei is funded by Trust Tairāwhiti and run by the Tairāwhiti Environment Centre - Thanks guys!


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