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The Workshop

Two years ago with her partner at her side Amy Moore embarked on the scariest thing she’d ever done... going on reality (not really reality) TV for 3 months. She knew that it would either make her or break her, and as it so happened, it did both.

Amy talks about how it broke her physically and even more so mentally, getting inside her head and breeding fear. She began to fear other peoples’ opinions, public gatherings, social media.. she didn’t leave her own home for about 6 weeks after getting back, her ‘own personal lockdown’.

After time though and with a little help from her friends, she made her way back to a place where she found enough belief in herself to do something different with her life; something meaningful that brought her enjoyment.

Being creative has always been a part of Amy’s life and finding a physical space in which to do that was, as she describes it, her ‘saving grace’.

Claiming the front of a commercial property occupied by her partner Stu and her Dad, a few walls were removed, a splash of colour added - mustard of course - and The WorkShop was born. Although it was pretty much ready to roll earlier this year, lockdown proved in some ways a blessing, giving Amy time to psych herself into actually physically opening the doors to the public.

Since opening those doors a few months ago now, the Workshop has blossomed and morphed as any truly creative space does. The beautiful little shop with its hint of tasteful Indonesian tattoo parlour, filled with stylish crafts, good smells and vintage finds, was turned into a workshop space over the school holidays, where participating kids turned their hands to weaving. Next on the shapeshifting agenda is an indoor winter market for local artisans in the adjoining shed, which is taking place this Saturday 25 July, from 11am - 4pm. Amy is clear that the WorkShop is not only a creative space for herself, but for others as well. A place to pick up a handmade gift or vintage treasure, a place to sit and flick through books to derive a little inspiration for your home or a place to just pop in for a cuppa and to soak up a little inspiration for you too to do more of the things that you love. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into a whole lot of local craftiness and some much-needed mid-winter colour and inspiration - The Workshop, 73 Carnarvon Street, next to Bollywood.


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