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Trish Tangaroa

We spoke to Trish Tangaroa about what she would like to see for our community and our country as we re-emerge into Level One; new ways of doing things that would help whanau as well as Mother Nature:

“During lockdown, I walked and walked. I reckon I probably walked more during lock down than I had in the last three years. I would walk, and I would notice all of the colours, the totally different look of the place; the āhua and the wairua of the place with no one around. It was so incredibly peaceful. I felt free and exhilarated, and despite the lockdown I felt happy. And despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of humans, I felt the same exhilaration all around me; Tangaroa laughed, Papatuanuku slept and Ranginui, bless his heart, just shone because thats his job. I had time to breathe, and enjoy a new world.

“And I thought about how I love walking and how I love having no cars around. The Pacific Islands have carless Sundays. I spent 8 years in the Islands, between Rarotonga and Noumea with VSA (Volunteers Services Abroad). On Sundays the world stops except for the crescendo of harmony that reverberates from the spires of the churches. Life stops for that one day, then the cacophony reconfigures on the Monday. I wish for one day a week, life as we know it would stop. And we would inhale and exhale and so would Nature and Time and God. One day a week without cars.

“I’ve kept the walking up after lock down but not as much because I’ve got to go to work. I’m waiting for Ardern to say we’re having four day working weeks now. I’m a teacher. Many at school can see sense in that. You probably get more out of people packing it into four days than you do now. Honestly. I think that the kids know that if they pack all that work into four days then they’ll get a three day weekend. They’ll be fine with it and they’ll pump..I’ll pump!

“Covid provided us with an alternative reality. Our world is a walking time bomb that is difficult to navigate and which if we are not careful, we will destroy. Just as Covid 19 has destroyed much of mankind. This year I can retire and I know that I cannot continue for much longer with the stress of the life that teaching brings. The opportunity to do something for myself, such as finish my Masters in Te Reo, beckons.

“I think we had so much opportunity to reevaluate our lives during lockdown, hard out”.

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