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East Coast Museum of Technology

If you’ve got any kind of penchant for old stuff, local history, kitchen appliances, automobiles or machinery; if you’ve been haunted by visions of iron lung machines, dreamt of becoming an inventory, are a boy racer, photographer, typographer or have any imagination whatsoever, you will probably find something to tickle your fancy at ECMOT, our very own Museum of Technology here in Te Tairāwhiti.

The museum is kept going by a group of dedicated volunteers, and while they’d swear they aren’t artists, there’s a strange sculptural beauty in the forms of piled and sorted exhibits. 

Need to entertain the parents? Need to entertain the kids? Need to entertain yourself?

East Coast Museum of TechnologyOpen Saturdays and Sundays during summer.

And on Sunday 28 January head along to their Live Day to see the technologies of the past come to life with exhibits like stationary engines, Amateur Radio, Computers & Games, vintage cars, Firetrucks and more!

At 67 Main Road, Makaraka, Gisborne10am - 4pm

Cost - $2 - $10


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