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Our event platform is your event platform

The future is now. We're thrilled to share with you the latest and greatest in Gizzy Local technology... the "Submit your event!" button!

Do you have an event or series that you want to put on the Gizzy Local website? Now you can make that happen straight from the website! And it's free!

Just wander over to the Events page on our website and click on the yellow "Submit your event!" button. From there, you just complete the form... Easy!

We've included in the form all the details that we need to know. Complete the form, hit "submit" and you're almost there! We'll give it a once over and then let you know once it's up and live. If what you're after is a listing on our website, a mention in our weekly newsletter, and if your event happens on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, a spot in our weekend reel on social media, then you're good to go. Your event will go out to the cool and diverse community who come to Gizzy Local to find out the haps.

If you're after a bigger boost from Gizzy Local, for $25 you get what's above plus we'll give it a featured spot in our newsletter and give your event a push on our social media 24-hour stories. Just drop us a line at or reply when we let you know your event is "live" and let us know that you'd like a little extra promotion.

For events with a real community focus/drive and bit more of a budget ($150), a story might be what you'd like. If you think this is the right fit for you, sing out and we can chat.

We look forward to making it easy for all of us to connect with other local people and activities. Come on in and make yourself at home. Our event platform is your event platform. Nau mai.

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